Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Texarkana, TX

The availability of dual diagnosis treatment in Texarkana is a key to being able to offer high-quality, broad-ranging care for those that are not only battling addiction but also must deal with another underlying mental health issue.

On paper, addiction seems like an easy problem to fix given all of the different rehab, therapy, and counseling options that are available to people today. There are excellent, comprehensive programs in every state that can take a person from day one of their recovery, when they draw a line in the sand and stop drinking or using drugs, through many years of clean and sober living.

However, even with all of these treatment options available, quitting drinking or using drugs is one of the hardest things an individual will do in life and maintaining sobriety can sometimes be tough even under the best of circumstances. That is why it is important for individuals with drug and alcohol addiction problems to get the best, most specific care possible and this includes dual diagnosis rehab if that is the appropriate course of action.

If a person is suffering from more than one mental disorder, a dual diagnosis treatment facility is the best place for them to receive the care they need that will address all of the mental, physical, and emotional hardships their addiction and other mental disorder symptoms are causing them.

What Is Dual Diagnosis?

A dual diagnosis treatment facility can help patients and their families start the process of working through the steps necessary to properly deal with co-existing disorders. A dual diagnosis is when a person suffers from an addiction to drugs or alcohol and also has another mental disorder. The issues arise when a person is not in a quality dual diagnosis rehab program that ensures that not only both of their disorders are being treated but also that one treatment is not negatively impacted the other.

In the past, patients who had co-occurring disorders were often treated by one medical discipline with their symptoms being explained as all part of either their addiction or their other mental disorder. In more recent years, care for patients with co-existing disorders, including dual diagnosis treatment in Texarkana, has gone in a different direction, addressing both disorders simultaneously in order for a better overall result.

Dual Diagnosis and Addiction -- Why the Two Go Hand in Hand

It's totally normal to want to feel better and when you find something that works, it's hard to give it up. This could be something simple like drinking a cup of herbal tea each night to help you fall asleep or taking a yoga class a couple of times a week. Dual diagnosis and addiction can go together because of this very reason. Professionals involved with dual diagnosis rehab often work with patients who developed an addiction over the course of trying to relieve the symptoms from an existing mental disorder.

For example, a person who is suffering from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) may start drinking or taking pain killers as a way to dull the symptoms they are experiencing. At first, maybe having a drink every so often helps take the edge off but as time goes by and drinking each day becomes the norm, an addiction may develop. Although this is a common scenario regarding how a patient develops co-existing disorders, the programs at a dual diagnosis treatment facility have been created to work with patients no matter how their co-occurring mental issues came to be.

Having access to dual diagnosis treatment in Texarkana for residents of the area is an important part of ensuring that individuals are properly diagnosed and cared for and do not have to travel outside of the area in order to receive treatment.

Types of Mental Health Disorders

In addition to PTSD, there are many other mental disorders that specialists at a dual diagnosis treatment facility may see in combination with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. These can include a variety of eating disorders, bipolar disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), schizophrenia, and depression. It is important to know that mental disorders, including addiction, have varying degrees of severity and one of the reasons why dual diagnosis rehab is important is because one set of symptoms can often overlap the other, making it seem like a person has a single disorder.

The medical and mental health professionals who treat patients with co-existing disorders as part of dual diagnosis treatment in Texarkana take a comprehensive approach to each patient's care so that both of their disorders can be addressed properly. Call now for help at (877) 804-1531.

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