Relapse Prevention in Texarkana, TX

No matter what disease you are fighting, whether it's addiction or another chronic illness, experiencing a relapse can be physically, emotionally, and mentally damaging and exhausting. If you think you have your addiction under control, and are actively participating in drug relapse prevention or alcohol relapse prevention, it can be disheartening when you have a setback. However, through the concepts taught to addicts who take part in relapse prevention in Texarkana, even after they have had a relapse, they can get back on course and continue a life of sobriety.

This does not happen for everyone. Whether it's because a person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol does not take their sobriety and drug relapse prevention or alcohol relapse prevention seriously enough, or they have a major stressful event in their life, or they just become tired of the everyday battle they have with staying clean and sober, a relapse can have devastating effects.

As individuals learn as part of relapse prevention in Texarkana, oftentimes people who have setbacks do not return to recovery mainly because they know how hard it was in the first place to become sober.

They do not want to go through the detoxification process or rehabilitation steps again. It is important to remain positive, no matter whether you are a recovering addict or a loved when, when a relapse occurs. Many experts who work with people during their initial drug relapse prevention or alcohol relapse prevention will warn individuals that there may come a time when they have a relapse and if that occurs be prepared to go right back to day one and continue on with life avoiding drugs and alcohol.

Drug or alcohol relapse prevention in Texarkana is available through many drug and alcohol rehab centers that are always willing to talk, email, or meet with addicts, alcoholics, or their family members in order to better educate everyone as to what relapse prevention is all about.

What is Relapse Prevention?

Drug relapse prevention and alcohol relapse prevention are the steps a person takes who is addicted to drugs or alcohol in order to remain clean and sober and not use or drink, even under the pressures and stress of everyday life. The point of drug addiction rehab is for people to return to a productive lifestyle while leaving destructive behavior behind.

Relapse prevention helps people in recovery stay on this course and teach them ways deal with stress, which is one of the top reasons people go back to using or drinking. Relapse prevention can be something as simple as following a set routine every day, without drugs or alcohol of course, so that there is no room for substance abuse to once again gain a foothold in a person's life.

This is why if you live in the area taking advantage of drug or alcohol relapse prevention in Texarkana is such an important part of the recovery process.

Relapse Statistics Amongst Addicts and Alcoholics

Some studies have shown that up to 85% of addicts or alcoholics who enter recovery relapse in the first few weeks or months of becoming sober. However, this statistic varies greatly depending on the person's drug of choice, how long they have been addicted, and how long they underwent treatment.

Many experts directly correlate how long a person takes part in inpatient drug rehab to how well they will perform in recovery after they return to their normal life. Overall, when looking at addiction from the disease standpoint, relapses occur with about the same frequency as other chronic diseases that are treatable like asthma or hypertension.

Warning Signs, Symptoms of Relapse, and Stages of Relapse

Due to the fact that many times a relapse is a gradual process as opposed to an all of a sudden event, addicts and alcoholics in recovery often show signs that they may go back to using or drinking. If a person has experienced something stressful, like a death in the family, or is under increased stress in general in their home or work life (taking on new responsibility in either area) they may not even realize they are thinking about drinking or using.

This is the emotional relapse stage. During the next phase, the mental relapse phase, the person knows that they want to drink or use due to whatever id going on in their life and is either battling or justifying that use with themselves.

In the physical relapse stage, the person is activity doing what they need to do to use, buying drugs, going to a bar, etc., and either is having a one-time event or is going back to their regular use of drugs or alcohol. Call (877) 804-1531 to get immediate help in treating your addiction.

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